They are everywhere. Even as I look around my room, this fact is glaring. From the paper making up my stacks of journals, to the cotton in my bedsheets, to the obvious noble jade plant on my windowsill, to the wood that gave shape to my ukulele. Plants. Are. Everywhere. And I love it.


Regal af fairy castle cactus


This blog is a result of that realization. My life truly feels “provided by plants.” Certainly, much more makes up my life, but from my purely plant-based diet, to my reliance on herbs for medicines, to all the subtle ways plants lend themselves to my daily life, it’s impossible to ignore their importance.


Chaste Tree spotted in Vegas!


From the medicine cabinet

So here we are. I write to honor my favorite uses for various plants. I write to record my journey on the path to becoming an herbalist. I write because plants simply deserve the attention! So buckle in, and maybe you’ll feel the plant love too.