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safi /safi/

sincere, pure, untroubled

This is a place to become untroubled.

This is a home for the lessons learned on this journey of herbalism.


love from the roots of my soul,



What, exactly, do plants provide?

In a nutshell, LIFE.

Plants surround us, but do we really appreciate what they so readily offer? Besides the oh-so-vital oxygen that they emit, plants are food and a means by which we have always survived. Living on a plant-based diet for the past 9 years, I have adopted a new-found appreciation for the versatility of plants. More recently, I have begun learning about plants as remedies for common health ailments. It has been nothing short of an empowering, life-changing journey. And now,  as I continue on the path to becoming more educated in the medicinal and nutritional values of plants, I write this blog to keep track of it all while sharing useful tidbits. Check out recipes here, single herbs here, or go here for some other recommended reading.


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